We Have a Change of Plans

Due to the uncertainty of these current times, we have canceled the CHAI LIFE Happy Hour we had scheduled for September 15th at the Statler Hotel. Our theme for this annual fundraiser included asking you to help us “Make every hour a happy hour for CHAI”.

While this event has been canceled, the need for your support of our residents and clients continues, and is even greater, as they shelter in their homes requiring 24/7 care from our staff.

Our direct care staff has done a heroic job of keeping our residents safe, entertained, well fed and loved.

You can honor them, and the terrific job they are performing, by supporting CHAI with your donation so that we can continue to provide a meaningful life for the vulnerable intellectually disabled adults in our care.

In gratitude for your support and the AID your contribution provides,
we will send you a special MASK!

Questions? Need more information? Contact Patsy Goodman at pgoodman@chaidallas.org

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Staci and Jeff Mankoff
Pat and Andrew Michael


Leo and Rhea Fay Fruhman Foundation/
Beverly and Joe Goldman


Pioneer Natural Resources
William and Sylvia Zale Foundation


Betsy and Mark Kleinman


Carolee Blumin
Lisa and David Genecov
Susan and Allyn Kramer
Abigail and Grant Mindle
Raelaine and Paul Radnitz
Sandra and David Veeder


Becca and Allen Bodzy
Nicole Herskowitz and John Lamb
Sandy and Mark Kaman
Shirley Morris
Ann and Michael Ochstein
Ricki and Gabe Shapiro
Veritex Community Bank


Carol and Steve Aaron
Dawn and Todd Aaron
Katherine Albert
Minnie and Keith Blackwell
Carla Brandt
Cathy and Joel Brook
Chortek and Gambino Families
Elise and Robert Donosky
Janis and Dan Gail
Sherry and Ken Goldberg
Marcy Helfand
Herbert Goldberg Company
Ynette and James Hogue
Carole Ann and Jay Hoppenstein
Angela Horowitz French and Doug French
Judy and Jeff Kogutt
Lauri and Todd Platt
Karen Dubrow and David Romick
Kerri and John Rosenberg
Beverly and Cary Rossel
Celia and Larry Schoenbrun
Howard Schultz
Susan Schwartz Family Foundation
Jeri Lyn and Jeff Sebert
Marian and Jack Spitzberg
Linda and Rob Swartz
Sam Utay


Melissa and Baer Ackerman
Jill and Alan Bach
Janet and Jeff Beck
Bland Garvey / Lori Eads
Lisa Brodsky and Beth Young
Susie and Joel Carp
Carr, Riggs, and Ingram, LLC
Barbara and Michael Donsky
Nanci and Don Dubrow
Sandy and Todd Estes
Karen Hart and Jeff Fischer
Eileen and Stanley Franklin
Barbara and Larry Glazer
Neil and Lisa Goldberg
Julie Goodman and Rob Morlend
Joyce and Wayne Goodowitz
Barbara and Bill Gutow
Greta and Howard Herskowitz
Judy and Harold Kaye
Carol and Mark Kreditor
Marsha Lev
Sharon and Chuck Levin
Carol and John Levy
Rubin Family Foundation/
Julie and Jay Liberman
Ellen and Jim Liston
Lisa and Mark Maberry
Emily Maduro and Joe Wielebinski
Lynda and Jeff Markowitz
Marsh & McLennan Agency
Bobbi and Richard Massman
Tricia Michaelson
Bette and Gary Morchower
Carol and Stuart Morse
Stacy Girard and Jerry Rasansky
Sally and Bob Rosen
Ann Rosenberg
Melissa Anne and Jonathan Rubenstein
Ruthie and Alan Shor
Joan and Jerry Skibell
Wendy and Marc Stanley
Deborah and Patrik Stern
Lori and Adam Stern
Michelle Wan
Karen and Howard Weiner
Gay Winter
Sally and Larry Wolfish
Ethel Zale

$360 Contributors

Adrian Allen
Phyllis Alper-Blood
Barbra and Bud Applebaum
Barbara Bell
Paula and Scott Buford
Anita and Todd Chanon
Sandra Dworkin
Fran and David Eisenberg
Camron and Jamie Gerard
Sandra Hancock
Patrick Henry
Dena and Mike Horowitz
Mindi and Michael Kahn
Abby and Daniel Kaman
Lynne and Larry Kohn
Beth and Larry Konig
Eileen and Aaron Kreisler
Lisa and Steve Lieberman
Zelene and Robert Lovitt
Frankie Michaelson
Cindy and Irv Munn
Jolie and Michael Newman
Elaine and Trevor Pearlman
Pam and Michael Pidgeon
Ethan Prescott
Aaron Refoua
Stacey and Larry Robbins
Rita and Buddy Rosenthal
Carolyn and Wyatt Rousseau
Merle Rubin
Connie Rudick and Harold Krom (z”l)
Emily and Jared Sandler
Elizabeth Schwartz
Lonna Rae and Jerry Silverman
Sandy and Larry Silverman
Judy and Hal Sommer
Rhona Streit
Dee Velvin
Karen and Shelby Wyll
Sheryl and Allen Yonack

Gift Card Purchasers

Gift Card Purchasers

Carla Brant
Beverly and Cary Rossel

Becca and Allen Bodzy

Beverly and Joe Goldman

Phyllis Alper-Blood
Barry and Barbara Brown
Steven Freedman
Lynda and Charles Golenternek
Bill Goodman
Alissa and Bobby Goodman
Sandy Hancock
Wendy and David Haynes
Marcy Helfand
Greta and Howard Herskowitz
Judy and Jeff Kogutt
Shirley Morris
Janet Protas
Myra and Stuart Prescott
Merle Rubin
Kathy and Steve Schneider
Lonna Rae and Jerry Silverman
Carol and Mark Wigder

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