Thank You 2015 Annual Campaign Donors


(as of August 20, 2015)

 There is still time to contribute to this year’s campaign.

The 2016 Annual Campaign Begins on November 1, 2015

600 x CHAI
$10,800 and above

Anonymous (2)
Anne and Alan Feld
Staci and Jeff Mankoff

Ludwig Michael
Wal-Dot Foundation

300 x CHAI
$5400 (up to $10,799)

Leo and Rhea Fay Fruhman Foundation

200 x CHAI
$3600 (up to $5399)

Dawn and Todd Aaron
Pat and Andrew Michael

100 x CHAI
$1800 (up to $3599)

Susan and Evan Bates
Kirschner-Bookatz Family Foundation
Cathy and Joel Brook
Elise and Robert Donosky
Laura and Rich Fine
Eileen and Stan Franklin

Barbara and Larry Glazer
Marcy Helfand
Betsy and Mark Kleinman
Barbara and Stan Rabin
Ricki and Gabe Shapiro
Rabbis Nancy Kasten and David Stern
Sam Utay

60 x CHAI
$1080 (up to $1799)

Carol and Steve Aaron
Rick and Lori Golman
Judy and Jeff Kogutt
Marsha and Mike Lev

Ellen and Jim Liston
Ike and Fannie Sablosky Foundation
Rosalie Taubman
Karen and Howard Weiner
Hilarie and Peter Weinstock

30 x CHAI
$540 (up to $1079)

Melissa and Baer Ackerman
Katherine Albert
Mimi Aronoff
Brian Bertcher
Linda and Steven Blasnik
Dena and Alan Chamison
Sharon and David Chortek
Lori and Michael Cohen
Michelle and Marshall Funk
Laurie and Dan Goetz
Berta Goetz
Barbara and Bill Gutow

Ann G. Kahn
Carol and Mark Kreditor
Bobbi and Richard Massman
Tricia and Paul Michaelson
Shirley and Herman Morris
Carol and Stuart Morse
Melissa and Bart Plaskoff
Laurie and Todd Platt
Joan and Rob Pollock
Elizabeth and Martin Price
Janet Protas
Ann Rosenberg

Kerri Aiken and John Rosenberg
Celia and Larry Schoenbrun
Linda and Clint Schuhmacher
Leslie and Howard Schultz
Cindy and Stuart Spechler
Marian and Jack Spitzberg
Judith and Don Steine
Rosalie Taubman
Trudy and Ben Termini
Michael Wallace

20 x CHAI
$360 (up to $539)

Sheri and Larry Berk
Minnie and Keith Blackwell
Brenda and Ron Bliss
Eve and Michael Boston
Madelyn Chortek
Marsha and Richard Cohn
Bob Cooper
Ruth and Wallace Cowan
Roxy and Brett Diamond
Fran and David Eisenberg
Ragen and Roy Elterman
Jeanne and Tex Fagadau

Janice and Tony Gambino
Sherry and Ken Goldberg
Susan and Martin Golman
Lois W. Gordon Endowment Fund
Greta and Howard Herskowitz
Gary Horowitz
Sandy and Mark Kaman
Patricia and Howard Kraines
Susan and Allyn Kramer
Florence and Larry Kramer
Marilyn and Zeck Lieberman
Patti and David Miller

Dee Dee and Bob Miller
Janine and Charles Pulman
Gene Schanbaum
Judy and Jerry Schneider
Hope and Robert Sheft
Ruthie and Alan Shor
Sheri and Allen Udisky
Jackie and Steve Waldman
Alison and Michael Weinstein

10 x CHAI
$180 (up to $359)

Bank of America United Way Campaign
Andrea and Jonathan Bard
Gillian and Steven Baron
Michelle Beckerman
Suzie and Jeff Berman
Frances Blatt
Lisa Brodsky
Gia and Jeremy Brodt
Larry Burk
Joni and Bob Cohan
Nicole and Kevin Cooper
Ellen Feibel
Tasca and Neal Feibel
Cecelia and Stanley Feld
Rhonda and Gene Frenkel
Gail and Allan Gilbert
Rozelle and Richard Gilman
Ellen Sher and Stanton Goldman
Sharan and Lynn Goldstein
Patsy Goodman
Lizzy and Jules Greif
Elana and Gary Gross

Irma and Irwin Gorssman
Kim Lande and Scott Henry
Ynette and Jim Hogue
Ellen Jackofsky
Linda and Murray Johnson
John Johnston
Veronique and Hylton Jonas
Ruth and Harold Kleinman
Robin Kosberg and Rabbi Mark Washofsky
Lynn and Lenny Krasnow
Laura Lacritz
Jill and Adam Lambert
Marcy and Lew Lefko
Lynda and Jeff Markowitz
Bette Miller
Peggy and Dave Millheiser
Bette and Gary Morchower
Meryl and Scott Nason
Linda and Gordon Newman
Debbie and Stephen Newman
Stephanie and Dan Prescott
Ori Raphael

Ro Reinthal
Ruth Robinson
Terry and Bert Romberg
Marcie and David Rosen
Elaine and Morris Rutchik
Myron Schwitzer
Jeri Lyn and Jeff Sebert
Phyllis and Joe Somer
Judy and Hal Sommer
Sister and Joel Steinberg
Phyllis and Ron Steinhart
Kathy and Marvin Stone
Joanne and Charles Teichman
Corey Todres
Jane and Mike Todres
Helga and Gerardo Weinstein
Polly and Alex* Weisberg
Elizabeth Weissenborn
Carol and Mark Wigder
Linda Wisch-Davidsohn
Ilene and Perry Zidow

*Of Blessed Memory

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