What We Do

In 1983 a small group of committed and dedicated community leaders, led by Carmen Miller Michael (of blessed memory), realized their dream of establishing a group home, under Jewish auspices, for adults with intellectual disabilities. When the first group home, Miller House, opened it was cutting edge in the field. The model for many decades had been institutional care.

From CHAI's beginning, the clear mission was to provide programs and services that enable individuals with intellectual disabilities to live as independently as possible, and to enrich their lives by building relationships with each other as well as with the larger community.

Over the years the organization came to be known in the community as "CHAI House." But from the start, it was about so much more.

Today, CHAI maintains nine group homes, provides services to individual clients in the community through Wolens Program Services and operates a group Day Habilitation Program.

CHAI is definitely about more than JUST a House.

Residential Services

CHAI operates and maintains eight group homes located in residential neighborhoods of North Dallas. Residents receive supervision from dedicated and caring staff, according to their needs, in settings from semi-independent to 24/7 care and remain with CHAI for all of their adult life as long as CHAI’s services meet their needs. CHAI offers a selection of community homes that are constantly well-maintained and up-to-date. Our dedicated staff members provide frequent feedback to family members, assist in planning activities, and teach clients how to live independently. CHAI clients are integrated into the community through planned social events and programs. Events in the Jewish community offer even more resources for residents to take advantage of. Miller 1, Miller 2, Bauer, Toub, Yale, Levy 1, Levy 2, Todd 1, and Todd 2 two are funded by Home and Community-based services and at least three residents live in each home.

CHAI provides:

  • Room and board for 31 residents
  • Health care and specialized therapy assistance
  • Financial counseling and training
  • Transportation
  • Dentist & doctor appointments, flu shots, mental health counseling, etc.
  • Synagogue participation
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Social activities
  • Entitlement assistance (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security)
  • Organize Specialized Therapies: O.T., P.T., speech, behavioral
  • Supervise medication management
  • Clothes shopping
  • Maintain house
  • Pay all bills
  • Keep up to date documentation on each resident
  • Family communication and support

Bauer House

Est. 2010

Katherine and Herbert Bauer

Miller House 2

Est. 1983

The Henry S. Miller, Sr. Family

Levy House 1 and Levy House 2

Est. 1987

Milton Levy, Jr. and Family

Toub House

Est. 2010

Leo and Rhea Fay Fruhman
Foundation in memory of Lois Toub

Yale House

Est. 2015

CHAI's first leased home

Miller House 1

Est. 1983

The Henry S. Miller, Sr. Family

Todd House

Est. 1999

The Nanny Hogan Boyd Trust
and Dorothy Todd

Wolens Program Services

Provides support services for Community Homes for Adults, Inc. (CHAI) clients living in residential homes and assisted living. Wolens also provides support services for individuals living independently in the community or with their loved ones.

Life Skills Training

Life Skills is the ability to cope with stresses and challenges of daily life, especially skills in communication and literacy, decision-making, occupational requirements, problem-solving, time management and planning.

Examples of skills Wolens Life Skills Trainers assist with:

  • Activities of daily Living
  • Grocery shopping
  • Budget/Money management
  • Laundry
  • Social skills
  • Medication management
  • Time management
  • Health & Wellness

Supported Employment

Supported employment is integrated competitive employment, or an individual working on a short-term basis in an employment setting towards employment. Below is a common list of supports offered to clients.

  • Interview preparation skills
  • Resume building
  • Job search assistance
  • Mock interviews
  • On-the-job coaching
  • Long-term job support


Club CHAI meets monthly for various outings including but not limited to: going out to eat, going to the movies, attending dance events, bowling and ice cream socials. Club CHAI provides an opportunity to meet new friends, maintain relationships, and enjoy quality of life. There is a $36 annual membership fee.

Some examples of socializing opportunities include:

  • Dave & Busters
  • Studio Movie Grill
  • Spring Fling Dance
  • Frisco Rough Riders
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Holiday Party

CHAI Connects

CHAI Connects provides an opportunity for families to feel safe and share their obstacles and triumphs. It’s a resource that provides support, education,  mentorship and helps families navigate through the processes of state agency requirements. CHAI Connects is meant to build long term relationships with family members of CHAI residents/clients and potential residents/clients. CHAI Connects will have quarterly meetings that will include education and support. There is a $50.00 annual membership fee for each family to participate.

Candace Carroll-Johnson, Director of Programs and Services
11615 Forest Central Drive, Suite 100.  Dallas, TX  75243
P. 214-373-8600   E. ccarroll@chaidallas.org

Host Home/Companion Care Services

  • A home-like alternative to a group home available to people of all ages with an intellectual disability, related condition, or both.
  • Daily reimbursement rate based on client’s Level of Need (LON).
  • Supported Home Living (SHL) & Respite services are not offered under this program.
  • Service Delivery: People receiving Host Home/Companion Services work with a service coordinator from the provider and local authority to ensure services are delivered

Individualized Skills and Socialization (ISS)

CHAI offers a group program five days a week where participants have the opportunity to fill their day with activities and socialization to learn skills to increase their level of independence.

CHAI provides:

  • Personal Development and Daily Living Skills
  • Shopping and Food Preparation Training
  • Computer Skills Training
  • Life Skills Training
  • Money Management Training
  • Hygiene Training
  • Safety Training
  • Work Readiness Skills Training
  • Field Trips Training
  • Training in Grocery Stores
  • Training in Banks
  • Volunteering Training
  • Physical Fitness Training

Nursing Services

CHAI’s nursing department consists of an RN, 2 contract LVNs, and a Medical Aide under the supervision of the RN. The Medical Aide position was created to assist our RN by scheduling and transporting all residents to and from medical appointments. The Medical Aide will also provide consistent information to all medical professionals regarding our residents.

RN duties include, but not limited to:

  • Manage Resident Medication
  • Monitor all medical appointments
  • Attend Person Directed Plan (PDP) annual meetings
  • Complete annual assessments & problem oriented assessments
  • Review labs & all medical orders
  • Work and collaborate with CHAI families and guardians

This program is made possible by a grant from the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas.

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