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Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsor List

Joseph - $40,000

Staci and Jeff Mankoff

Pat and Andrew Michael

Fruhman - $20,000

The Leo and Rhea Fay Fruhman Foundation/

Beverly* and Joe Goldman

Bauer - $10,000

Susan and Allyn Kramer

Jeri Lyn and Jeff Sebert

Linda and Rob Swartz

Woolf - $5,400-$9,999

Christine Allison

Carolee Blumin

Betsy and Mark Kleinman

Kalman & Ida Wolens Foundation

Raelaine Radnitz

Wolens - $3,600-$5,399

Bland Garvey

Minnie and Keith Blackwell

Todd Estes

Barbara and Clive Miskin

Shirley Morris

Ann and Michael Ochstein

Karen Dubrow and David Romick

Beverly and Cary Rossel

Celia and Larry Schoenbrun

Ricki and Gabe Shapiro

Veritex Community Bank

Levy - $1,800-$3,599

Carol and Steve Aaron

Dawn and Todd Aaron

Katherine Albert

Cathy and Joel Brook

Chortek and Gambino Families

Elise and Robert Donosky

Barbara and Michael Donsky

Nanci Dubrow

Amy Foxman and Amarinder Bindra

Janis and Daniel Gail

Barbara and Larry Glazer

Herbert Goldberg Company/

Lauran and Robert Goldberg

Shelli and Marshall Goldberg

Lisa and Neil Goldberg

Barbara and Bill Gutow

Marcy Helfand

Ynette and Jim Hogue

Carole Ann and Jay Hoppenstein

Sandy and Mark Kaman

Judy and Jeff Kogutt

Rubin Family Foundation/

Julie and Jay Liberman

Kerri and John Rosenberg

Melissa Anne and Jonathan Rubenstein

Barbara and Shelly Stein

Nancy and Jerry Szor

Sam Utay

Michael - $1,080-$1,799

Melissa and Baer Ackerman

Brenda and Ron Bliss

Lisa Brodsky and Beth Young

Carr, Riggs, and Ingram

Cheryl and Randy Colen

Tammy and Adam Diamond

Karen and Craig Goodman

Patricia and Bennett Goodman

Irma Grossman

Greta and Howard Herskowitz

IMA, Inc.

Janet and Gary Kaner

Marsha Lev

Leslie and Steven Levin

Ellen and Jim Liston

Marsh & McLennan Agency

Bobbi and Richard Massman

Jana and Bob Milstein

Bette and Gary Morchower

Julie and Rob Morlend

Nueberger Berman

Elaine and Trevor Pearlman

Lisa and Donald Schwarz

Ruthie and Alan Shor

Joan Skibell

Marian and Jack Spitzberg

Sandra and David Veeder

Larry Wolfish


*of Blessed Memory

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